01. Listen, you're working too hard. That's why you have an assistant. You've got to learn to [delegate] more of your work to her.
02. Jasmine was chosen as the class [delegate] to speak to the teacher about their plans for the graduation ceremony.
03. You can get into a dangerous situation when certain duties are [delegated] to less senior staff members who do not have enough experience.
04. The Israeli government threw a huge welcome for the first Egyptian trade [delegation] to come to the country in its history.
05. [Delegates] for the two candidates are meeting to discuss what will happen after the next ballot.
06. The American Constitution was written in Philadelphia in 1787 by 55 [delegates] to a constitutional convention.
07. She has been chosen as a [delegate] to a women's conference being held in Beijing next year.
08. Canada's [delegate] Raymond St-Pierre is meeting with his French counterpart this afternoon to discuss the issue.
09. The three-member [delegation] has issued a statement saying that negotiations are going well.
10. A [delegation] of major industrialists met with the President today to discuss barriers to trade.
11. As our boss gets closer to retirement, he has been [delegating] more and more responsibilities to his son.
12. In his guidelines for bureaucrats, James Boren wrote, "When in trouble, [delegate]".
13. Researchers have found that the [delegates] that attended the American Constitutional Convention in 1787 spent much of their time getting drunk.
14. [Delegation] by those in upper management is not a sign of weakness, but rather of strength in recognizing and benefiting from the skills and knowledge of those around them.
15. The governor met today with a [delegation] of parents concerned about cuts to the education budget.
16. In 1997, [delegates] from 150 nations met to discuss environmental concerns at the Kyoto summit.
17. In 1955, the French [delegation] to the U.N. withdrew after the world organization voted to debate the situation in Algeria.
18. Timothy Firnstahl once said that [delegating] means letting others become the experts and hence the best.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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